The delegation includes Assita Kanko MEP, who represents the European Conservatives & Reformists Group in the European Parliament. 

Speaking from Valetta she highlighted her concerns and conclusions following the visit: 

“The media feel intimidated and the trust of citizens in their Government is shaken. Having spoken with many people over the last two days, we have come away with serious and unanswered questions.

“The conditions for a well-functioning constitutional state are under great pressure. There are clear conflicts of interest, a lack of transparency, and blurred lines of accountability among senior police and political officials. 

“It is clear that the Government and the Prime Minister lack moral authority and public confidence. It is hard to see how this situation is sustainable going forward.  

“Daphne Caruana Galizia wrote about money laundering, corruption, the practice of selling EU passports, and a lack of transparency in the political system; something that she was murdered for. 

“The issues she wrote about have a knock on effect throughout the European Union. Therefore, the EU has a responsibility to the people of Malta and all Member States to ensure freedom of speech and the rule of law prevails.”

For background:

The ad hoc committee of inquiry has been in the country since Tuesday evening. The EU MPs (one from each political group) have since spoken with the Maltese Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, the President, the Public Prosecutor and other political figures. They also took extensive time to talk to the murdered journalist's family, along with representatives from numerous NGOs, lawyers and especially journalists.